A Certified Food Lover

Don´t miss out and prepare your palate for the ride of your life!

What I love doing: challenges and new adventures.

Adventures start in your own head, start with a decision and an action, they don’t come to you in any shape, you have to go and get them.

Where I’ve been

An awesome place in the heart of Toronto.


I totally recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves great food and an awesome service.


What I found

Deep Lush – the newest trend not in the food, but in adult entertainment videos. Honestly I’ve always been bored with all the dull things you can watch online, but this is a breeze of fresh air. Something that surely wasn’t expected but is appreciated. Are you ready to experience the same thing? Follow the link and enter DeepLush.tube

BBCPieBBCPie – this is something I never experienced before and speaking the truth there is something special about the creampies done by big hung black guys. This series is going to be a definition of interracial creampies done well. Thanks to technology and all around high quality of the content!

TwinkTop.orgTwink Top – I have just discovered the place for all the lovers of dominance and submission. You might ask how and where but the answer is really simple. Twink Top is all about switching roles between these two and it’s breathtaking experience.