Madrina Bar Y Tapas Offers A Good Value For Money

The Distillery is one of the most amazing Historic Districts that I have seen anywhere in the world.

Madrina Bar Y Tapas

It has everything that makes a historic place beautiful with a wonderful marriage with the 21st Century. Which is the result? The result is an amazing site with many restaurants, and places to see and do interesting activities. Why do I go there? Because of the food!

Read on to find out everything about Madrina Bar y Tapas, a cool new Spanish restaurant that is worth a visit (or two).

Spanish Tapas

Foods that can merry your heart

If you happen to know something about Spanish tapas, you know that it is a progressive menu that goes small dish by small dish and allows you to try many different things in one sitting. I love that kind of food because I love tasting new food, I´m kind of an adventurer who likes taking steps into the unknown. There are few things I like better than trying new stuff when I go somewhere. I was lucky enough to be in Barcelona some years ago and those flavors stuck in my palate for months when I got back.

The ham, olive oil and bread are just amazing.

The Distillery District

One of my favorite things to do in Toronto is to walk through The Distillery District and just randomly walk into a restaurant that I see fit for the moment. I have tasted some of the best Ramen ever at Boku, amazing Beer Battered Fish Fry at Mill St. and so on. The Distillery just invites you in and you can get lost among those Victorian buildings and have an amazing afternoon that can end into a theatre play or maybe even a live band.

You never know what will happen when you go to the Distillery District and that´s the beauty of it.


Finding a haven!

Just like one of those random days I was walking around the Distillery and noticed that Madrina was open to the public. I was drawn by it. The place inside is amazing, it has a natural light that comes straight from the patio and a wonderful patio that you can go to. The vibe in the place is just right and everybody seems to be having fun. Toronto´s food scene goes from Korean mini restaurants to cool Spanish tapas and everything in between. Every ethnic cuisine you come across has a little Canadian touch that makes it special, unique, found nowhere else in the world.

Madrina is no exception and the chef Ramon Simarro (two Michelin Stars) has created one-of-a-kind dishes that will make your jaw drop to the floor. The spin that he took on a classic dish like the Papas Bravas is just amazing and the wonderful cocktail bar has everything you can expect from a classy and beautiful place like this. I had a full course and ate four tapas one after the other with a beer and a cocktail as an appetizer. I am not a dessert kind of customer, but they surely looked tasty from where I was sitting.

The Price Tag

When I spoke to my newly-made Canadian friends about the place encouraging them to tag along and have a great night out, the first thing they told me was that it was expensive and portions were too small. I looked at them in a strange way.

It’s state-of-the-art author cuisine with top-class ingredients, what did they expect, to be charged as eating a hot dog on the street?

State-of-the-art period.

After a small discussion in which they obviously ran out of arguments we went there, it was another Thursday night and it was beautiful. The place is illuminated with orangey-lights from bottom to top and the rustic walls give it a cozy feeling. Once they really tasted the tapas with the specific ingredients brought-in from Barcelona and we had a bit of Joselito Guijuelo which is arguably the best ham in the world, their faces changed.

The price tag is just right, the staff is very knowledgeable, kind and your glass will never be empty. There is no going wrong with this marvelous place. If you are a food lover and believe that the money invested in eating out and trying new state-of-the art dishes made with top ingredients is worth it, you will pay the check with a smile like we did.

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