Aniq : A Great Place To Explore Culinary Diversity

Welcome to the seafood paradise.

I am a seafood lover (we can leave it in food lover?) and discovering Aniq was one of my highlights in 2018. The perfect mash up of Asian Fusion cuisine and some Canadian touches with a huge variety of craft beers and an outstanding service. Read on and join me in the perfect night out at a one-of-a-kind restaurant you will love instantly.

A Group Night Out

A paradise for Canadians

My Canadian friends are just like me, we love eating out and trying new things all the time. It is very common in us to get together and then take off to a restaurant. That is like the ideal night out. We are all in our thirties and long-gone are the days in which we stayed up until three from one bar to the next and got home drunk. I guess this is what they call growing up, exchanging the booze for the food.

There we were, four of us ready to go eating out, we had our best outfits, some perfume and off we went to Aniq, my idea. I had heard about it and as a seafood lover that I am I couldn´t resist. Once we got to the place I wasn´t too impressed, it is a long locale not too big that has the ANIQ sign on top over a wooden base. It is all painted in white with some black additions and the bar on the left. Let´s start by saying that the variety of draft beer is overwhelming, we tried at least ten and there were more to choose from. Also, they have a great variety of bottled beer.

We sat down in the second section and we could see everything happening in the kitchen and as soon as we received the menu, Katrina, the person in charge of the main room came to talk to us and gave us a welcome. I thought she was charming and that was a great way to start the night with the right foot. We ordered seven dishes for four people and it was a little more than enough.

The Food

Food is life

I am a food lover and enjoy everything from Spanish tapas to Korean minimalism and all the in-betweens, but this place is something more. The diversity and the quality in the dishes is superb. I´ve never seen before a 9-ounce shrimp tempura but these amazing big and tasty tiger shrimps were something to write home about. The Night Market Chicken and the Mama´s Octopus were just delicious too,

we couldn´t have enough!


The blend of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine are just amazing and if you add the draft beer to it, the combo is magnificent. I recommend Aniq to all food lovers in the world (and if you go say hello to Katrina for me).

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