Meeting Point Of Different Cultures Is Nord Bistro

Nord Bistro is an absolute blast. Yes, I am starting this with such a rotund affirmation because that is exactly the case. I am very used to eating out and have been to most of the best-known restaurants in Toronto by now.

The cool thing about Nord is that the offer is so diverse that you will never get tired of going and there´s always a special dish of the day that blows you away. Read on and find out why I love this place so much!

All Food You Can Think Of In One Place

The first thing I was told was: “You know there´s a new seafood rest…” and I didn´t let them finish the sentence.

A new seafood restaurant on Dupont Street?
Let’s make a reservation!

A perfect ambiance

That is exactly how it went the first time we showed up at Nord Bistro for a food fest with some friends.  It took me only one phone call and everybody was in the same page I was. We all love going new places and trying new food.

We got to the door and just like many other amazing experiences, you can´t tell from the outside just how wonderful the place is. Once you go through the door the energy in the place just hits you. The vibe is relaxed and sophisticated. We were a group of six and we sat to the left, on a long table and right away, the service was very kind and showed unusual warmth. The furniture is all dark wood and the illumination was just right, not dark, neither too much.

The menu was amazing, it had about 25 dishes to choose from including pasta, entrances and some main courses that made me activate my taste buds right away. We went straight to asking about the recommendations and the waiter was very knowledgeable. He told us exactly what to drink with each of the selections and the orders came quickly. Some of us went for the pasta, others tried the fish. I decidedly went for the duck and I was not mistaken at all. It just melted inside my mouth. It came with some mixed mushroom risotto and lovely bok choy. The mix of flavors was a festival inside my mouth. We all tried each other’s dishes of course and it all was awesome. Portions were generous and very tasty without being overwhelming.

Overwhelming delicious dishes!


The Staff

When I got home with my stomach full and a happy face I went on Google to see who had cooked my delicious meal. The name of the Chef is Bart Pocock and is a fresh-ingredients fanatic; he was even in the TV series Market to Table once. Also, Adrien Stein, who is a famous Toronto mixologist created the cocktail menu exclusively for Nord.


It is an awesome place with a lovely atmosphere and a menu that will be more than enough even for the most demanding palates in the world. It is the ideal restaurant for those wanting to try something new in a wonderful atmosphere.

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