The Sky Stars Is A Great Addition To The Neighborhood Fast Food Atmosphere

I come from The United States of America and it´s all cool and great with the fancy restaurants and the French influence on local cuisine and all,

but sometimes I miss a real good burger

So, when that happens I go out in a burger safari and hunt the best ones in town. That is information so valuable that I do not want to keep it for myself. Read on and find out about one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.

In The Search For The Perfect Burger

As all my fellow Americans know, we love burgers. It is not just fast, junk food to us; they represent a lifestyle, an appreciation of life in a different way. Besides, with the price tags they have now, there´s no way we can think of them as fast food only. Since I moved to Toronto, it´s been hard to find me a good, fulfilling burger and I have sort of filled that emptiness inside with different variations of seafood and other meals. But this Friday night I was with the idea of a burger stuck between my eyebrows and nothing was going to stop me from getting one.

The Search is over (photo by Tanya W.)

I got to this place that had been 100% remodeled and on the outside it just looked like these cheap restaurants where the same oil boils to fry your chips for ages without a change. The surprise is walking in. It is amazing how your entire idea of what the place was going to be changes to what the place actually is. The trendy inside was very inviting and since I was meeting my friends afterwards I took a place at the bar in front of two huge TVs.

One of them was broadcasting sports and the other one was broadcasting a series that I didn´t know. The menu is huge, they sell breakfast all day and also some top-notch burgers. I went for the classic and got the triple bacon burger that was huge and very tasty.

The Burger


When you´ve had more than one burger in different places you know how to differentiate those that are home-made and fresh from those that are frozen or even bought. Mine tasted like it was just done minutes ago and the bacon was just right, toasted and crispy without being burned. The bread is something that could be worked on, since it wasn´t crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside as we, burger lovers, like it. It came with some coleslaw salad and some fries, proper ones, not from a frozen package you can buy in a supermarket.

My food was awesome, my crave for a true burger was satisfied and the attention that I received was amazing.

I was asked probably six or seven times if I needed anything else, the best customer service in town.


The larger-than-life menu offers something for all tastes and some of the best breakfast in town so you can go and have a meal whatever time you choose to. If you ask me, burger is a blast!

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