Must-Visit Local Food Spots In Toronto

Toronto is the world’s fourth most livable city and that doesn’t come easy if you don’t have amazing spots in town. The city in Canada has over 8500 restaurants in total. Well, chances are you are a foodie and you are about to be like, “This does put a smile on my face”. Food is a huge deal in Toronto and that is because Chefs here always try to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. If you’re like the general traveler and visit Toronto in the winters, you got to start off with Poutines. Chips with gravy with thicker cheese make the disk look and taste top notch.

Here’s a list of all must-visit local food spots to have some amazing food.

Family Swap

Let’s start with a bomb! Family Swap – the newest concept series of Nubiles is here and it’s a perfect aperitif before you run your journey for Toronto’s best. What actually family swapping trend is? Well, the concept is easy – you pick 2 (or 4 in our case!) families and you let members of it swap between each other… for let’s say specific kind of pleasure. Caught the drift?

Swap.Family XXX
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Kensington Market

Toronto has this beautiful neighborhood called Kensington Market and it is full of amazing restaurants and bars to help you spend some quality time. From the Last Temptation to Cocktail Emporium, KM never disappoints you with the good vibes that it packs around in the street. Toronto Popcorn Company is a really fun place to visit. Try some good Poke at North Poke. To get some Jamaican Italian fusion, try Rasta Pasta.

St. Lawrence Market

If you like a bit of variety on your taste buds, St. Lawrence Market has a range of food spots to go through. It’s ranked No. 1 Food Market of the World by NatGeo. The St. Urbain Bagel Bar is a must try for foodies with a lot of variety and fresh food. Next up, you got to stop at Carousel Bakery to try out their special peameal bacon sandwich. Once you’re done with that, you can try the behemoth godfather sandwiches by Uno Mustachio. If you’re into cheese, Olympic Cheese is your food heaven. You can also give a try to fish and chips and the lobster roll at Buster’s Sea Cove.


If you are a seafood lover, then you won’t be able to leave this place once you visit it. ANIQ is known for its special seafood dishes and Wednesday night fresh oysters. The place is also known for their wine tap and they do have some good wine collection. ANIQ burger is a must try if you like burgers. The place is really amazing for seafood lovers with an affection for good wine too.

Khao San Road

If you are from Asian countries or if you have a knack for some good Thai food, then buckle up, because there is an amazing place for people like you. Khao San Road reopened a couple of years ago and is known for its amazing Thai food in all of Canada. Khao Yum is a must try dish with Thai rice salad, peanuts, scallion, and ginger. You can also give a try to Pad Gra Prao if you like fried eggs with basil leaf and pepper, it’s like a symphony in your mouth. 

The Good Son

If you like wood-fire dishes and raw then there is a restaurant in Toronto who has based their menu on it. The Good Son is known for its amazing interiors and moreover the Italian imported wood-fire grill. One of the signature dishes of the restaurant is the Green mango salad which on top goes with jerk shrimp. Overall, it’s a good place for group lunch, the place has really good vibes to it and you can have some amazing Instagram content right in the shop itself.

Lamanna’s Bakery

Finally, who doesn’t love Pizzas? Toronto has this amazing place called Lamanna’s Bakery that makes giant pizzas! It was started by three brothers and now they’re pretty famous all over youtube for their giant pizzas. The Lamanna Pizza Slice challenge is really, the lasagna is top notch too. You can try the pasta and the bakery is famous too.

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