I am an American citizen that moved to Toronto to work for a railroad company in systems maintenance and configuration. I have a college degree and been working in many countries before arriving and staying in Toronto three years ago.

I came in cold; I had no friends, no family, no girlfriend, no nothing that I could call home.

But that is what I love doing: challenges and new adventures.

An ordinary day

My arrival to Canada was a bit of a movement upwards in my job and also in my salary, which was an added temptation to the new adventure. My accommodation at first was in a fancy hotel until they could find me a place in a very nice neighborhood that I now love. I also got a car from the company with all expenses paid. Canada is a beautiful country and everything works. There is one element that is present all across the United States which is the violence, that sense that everybody is in a hurry and trying to step on someone else’s head that is absent in Canada. That was one of the main reasons why I decided to stick around; I fell in love with the relaxed atmosphere. People enjoy going out for a meal and walking around without such pressure on their shoulders as we, Americans have back at home.

My first three months were tough, though. I had nothing to do, nobody to speak to and doing Skype with my people at home seemed as a no-brainer since I left to find new emotions.

So, one Thursday evening, it was June 1st, I decided to go out to a restaurant on my own. I wanted to explore the cuisine and the night life in Toronto and if there was nobody else to back me up in my adventure, then I was going to do it by myself. I had a blast, I met people and talked to strangers all night who would tell me stories and recommend me places and give me their phone numbers just to give me a hand in my adaptation to this new place. It was a one way ticket to an amazing new life that I am grateful I took. The way I see it, adventures start in your own head, start with a decision and an action, they don´t come to you in any shape, you have to go and get them.

Now I have an awesome group of friends and we go out every week to find new places and live new moments. We are completely bonded by curiosity, I am not the only foreigner in the group; there are Europeans, South Americans and people from Africa. We are a bunch of food lovers who do what they like best and try to innovate every week. There is this healthy competition within the group to outdo the restaurant choice of the last week with an amazing new spot nobody knew of. I don´t want the be self-centered, but most of the times I find those places.

In these last three years I’ve learnt a lot about the cuisine and the corners of one of the most amazing cities I’ve lived in. Now, it is time to give something back to the people that gave me everything without asking for anything in return but a smile. You will read my take on some of the hidden pearls where you can taste the most delicious dishes. Also I will add all my visits to well-known spots in town and what I think about them.

Are you ready to go on a new adventure that will change the way you see and think about this marvelous city?

Well, I hope you are because I will unveil the hidden secrets of the food-lovers paradise and take you in a personalized tour to the most exquisite of Toronto’s food scene.

Don´t miss out and prepare your palate for the ride of your life!