Good thing FK starts with an F because it is Fantastic!

The French cuisine is not the easiest one to elaborate. Most places take the full flavor meets small portion too seriously and you end up eating half a fork. This is not the case and the dishes were absolutely delicious. Read on and find out everything that happened in the best birthday party ever.

Blind Date With Ten Strangers

Feel the modern and chic atmosphere captured by Jonni

A friend of mine from childhood moved to Toronto before I did, years ago and recently we came across each other on Facebook. She told me it was her birthday and she was going with a group of friends to this ground-breaking new restaurant in town, if I wanted to join them. Eating out food I didn’t know about with people I never met? For someone like me that is the most perfect plan on Earth. I said yes and we got to FK on St Clair Avenue. It is modern and chic with that sophisticated atmosphere that most expensive restaurants have. We sat at a long table and ordered our dishes between presentations and jokes.

Perfect! (photo by Ray T.)

I took on the home-made bread and attacked right away. It was delicious! I was going to order oysters, I knew it from the moment I looked at the menu, I was going to have them. So I had Rockefeller Oysters and I don´t regret them until this day!

Oh my God, they were just perfectly seasoned and served.

In fact dish presentation was incredible; they even made a seed butterfly in the birthday girl plate. But all the attention was drawn by the Elk that was eaten by a Dutch girl next to me. She let me try a little with a fork and it was amazing.

It was no American burger,  or Korean tapas, but it was some of the best meat I’ve ever tried in my life.

When the check came along we thought it was going to be sky-high, but it was reasonable for what we had eaten and the drinks we accompanied it with. I totally recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves great food and an awesome service.