All food lover who enjoys eating out and going for an adventure should definitely try Korean food because of its variety, taste and affordability.

Well I am a food lover and I love eating out so I absolutely love Korean food.

Read on to find out which are the great things you can try in this great source of Korean delights!

Trying The Unknown First

Ssam, as its calling out my name (Photo by David)

Maybe you are a food lover too and you know this is a #1 rule for all of us who go out to try something new: always try what you don´t know first. Why do we do that? Because if you try it last, you might have to walk out of there with a taste that you don´t like in your mouth that will stick with you for a long time.

The appetizing Bolgogi (photo by Milli L.)

But let´s focus on the restaurant. We were four and sat outside in a cool patio with a huge mural paint in one of the walls. We took a look at the menu but asked the waitress who was very kind to recommend us the best dishes. I went for the unknown and tasted the Ssam which is a pork dish with lettuce and some amazing sauces. The pork is marinated for 48 hours and then cooked to be served. You can imagine the taste and the texture, it literally melted in my palate. Sauces were great too.

I got to taste the grilled octopus which was awesome and also the Bulgogi which was a served pretty much like a steak but sliced in little portions; ideal for sharing! We all drank the Yuzu beer which is a blend of Belgium and Japan and has some sort of a cool citric flavor to it that went really well with our food. We stayed in that patio for almost two hours that flew by, an awesome place in the heart of Toronto.